I stream Starcraft II and Starcraft remastered and I think this was interesting read…

Daniel Barry, M.D., Ph.D., Former NASA Astronaut: I wanted to be an astronaut as long as I can remember. As far back as forever. I was that kinda kid who was constantly jumping off stuff, trying to fly. I got a football helmet for my 5th birthday because my parents got tired of the head injuries. I didn’t play football, I just jumped off everything. I hung out at the airport, clinging on to the chain link fence and watching the planes go. So, it’s what I really wanted to do forever.

That was great in first grade. In fact, everybody else who was my friend wanted to be an astronaut and the adults were really good about it too, like, “sure kid, go for it.” But around sixth grade, maybe there was five or six of us left…everyone else wanted to be sports stars or movie stars. By [the time I was] a senior in high school, I was the only one left.


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