On a pretty sunny day in California back in August; I traveled to a Trump Institute Seminar . I took a bus because at the time I was house sitting a zoo. What a zoo.. You say? Yep, it was a friendly zoo of Animals for a friend of my sisters. I had a dog that could disappear at minute notice and as hard as steel to find. He was the Houdini the Magic dog. Next came the kelli the Parrot, two cats, a lizard and a Fish. They were nice animals. I played with them and took good care of them when their family was out on trip. I traveled to


Torrance Marriott Southbay

3635 Fashion Way

Torrance Ca 310-316-3636


The Torrance Marriott Southbay was a state of the Art fashionable hotel. It was modern with large 32 digital monitors showing on going events at the hotel and where the events would be found. Example: Trump Institute Seminar in Meet Room A and B. The bar was nice and elegant. They had water bucket that was a crystal container for water and ice cups to drink water from. The staff was nice and friendly too.


Trump Institute Seminar

Secret Recipe for Success

Right Knowledge and Right Mindset

Teach How to Do Real-estate and Tax Certifcates in Person in Classroom

Major deference between Trump University and Trump Institute is in person training not over the web.


The Trump Institute Seminar was divided into Two parts.

Part one was about buying foreclosures and Real-estate.

Part two was about buying/investing into Tax Certificates in way to make money and possibly purchase Real-estate.

And after attending this Seminar you receive a Book!

Trump: Think Like a Billionaire: Everything You Need to Know About Success, Real Estate, and Life


In the first part; the speaker whom I forgotten his name. I did ask for card but was not given one. He said if you bought the product you could have one. I was broke at the time and could not purchase the program. He also requested that if you made money with his help a thank you note would be appreciated. I asked him for address so that I could send one. I thought the meeting was very informative. He walked us through the process of purchasing real-estate. He told us how Donald Trump was the Home foreclosure King*. Using investors to buy a property and then flip that said property and make money. He also explained how to subdivide a piece of property.


In the Second part; witch I thought was more interesting but also I had forgotten the name of teacher. He spoke about Buy Tax Certificates. Tax Certificates are what people owe on property at the end of year when you forget to pay your property taxes. Usually there are Interest %10 to %25, fines and other things included. A person buys said Tax Certificate from a public Entity say a County or City and then the County or City gets its funding. When the person owing taxes pays then that money is transferred to person whom owns the Tax Certificate. If he does pay his taxes after certain about of time (usually 3 years) the Tax Certificate owner has the right to foreclose(SELL) on said property. He explained how to buy them close to end time to get recurring income or assets. Or purchase them in hope of %1.5 of owning the property through for closer.


*After reading the book and it was a mismatch to this seminar because it doesn’t really say much about his foreclosures and process he used.

** wrote extensive notes at Seminar but the note spiral was lost in flight back to Amarillo on my return trip home. Wrote this mostly from memory of event so I am sorry if I missed something. Their were books/manuals/classes offered after the part 1 and 2 and they were kind of expensive but offered with guarantees.


These two seminars power pack into one seminar were interesting and eventful with lots of knowledge.


Next up is the Book: Trump: Think Like a Billionaire: Everything You Need to Know About Success, Real Estate, and Life



Yep, I read the book too. The book was interesting. Trump: Think Like a Billionaire: Everything You Need to Know About Success, Real Estate, and Life was divided into series of area’s and had Photo’s of Trump and Trump assets, family and friends.

In thinking like a billionaire he walks you through how he thinks and actions he takes. Next in the How to do section he shows you the process How to rent apartment in New York, read a classified add, sell a home, and romance too.

Next, in slices of Billionaire life he shows working hard and going after challenges of his life. He also mentions his trip to Saturday Night Live and process of getting ready for the show. He explains how pageants can make money and spread influence and work various causes like Aids.

Next, Week of in Life of Billionaire he show us his work ethic. And with Work ethic you can see he really works hard for his money. Working hard is rewarding too.

Next, Final of Apprentice one and who he choose and how it felt to be in front of million viewers.

Lastly, Apprentice II he discusses new people on show and what needs to change and leaves a little for imagination because the book was out when it was still filming.

The book was interesting informative also,

thanks and have a great day



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