I made a trip recently to Culver Cities Studio to try out for Deal or
No Deal and later took a Bus to Venice Beach then traveled to Santa
Monica for a free class at Westsihede Eclectic / Independent Comedy Network.

I had worked the weekend helping a friend move some stuff from a house to rental Property.

Not Pictured here is watching the Award Winning Allure Band in the parking lot of the Home Depot center.

 They were related to person i help move. Tthey play hard rock and sounds pretty good.

( And this is from a guy that like country; nice to workout to..)


Welcome to Culver Cities

Culver City Studios

Park Beside Welcome to Cities Studios

Cool looking Tree 1

Cool looking Tree 2

Venice Beach Todum

Park for Kidos at Venice Beach

Park near Crowds and Shops

Crowds and Shops

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Crowds and Shops 2

Red Flowerin Plant

Santa Monica Primode 1

Santa Monica Primode 2

Santa Monica Primode 3

Santa Monica Primode 4

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