Twitering alot but not writing articles

in process of writing article about probably smart phones mostly from going into the stores and people that i come across having one.  I don’t own one.. I use a  old Motorola phone, its is my brother’s, he  been good enough to let me use it(ok he’s great older brother) and also old net 10 no trill phone (deactivated but i may have to get it going again)…


I recently got my cable modem service working again.. tho i had alot trouble getting to go in my apartment. But i do say that Suddenlnk tech this time did a great job, now keep it going and and paid will be my next thing to do…

I do design and build joomla websites (spacesbox is one example). (they aren’t free lol) I also do photography and tutor on different subjects. Use contact / feed back to inquire.

I can probably host one for ya on the server where this is located.. (Not at my physical home location.. think its in Vegas). Talking about Vegas i still want to go out there and attend CES 2011 but who knows if i make it .


Have a great Week People and keep up the work,Fun and living Life.



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