Update 2-26-2010

  1. moved host / from sever  to different server
  2. in proccess of possibly updating to joomla 1.5
  3. need to put out some new blogs
  4. having some issues with move related to DNS


I moved hosts, yep. I had  a great friend that let me be hosted on webserver for while. I really appricated that he let me be thier. It was really nice to be able to create content and blog about various subjects while i was going through good and bad times the last few years. Thanks Dan. If you read this I mailed a thank you card to your address on your whois for caglan.net.  I really haven't made anything from my websites yet. I did sell 3 sells of biopro stuff for 35$ total and adsence revenue never came in. But I try to give back  with Spacesbox.com and its good for that so far.


I looking at possibly updating to newest greatest joomla. The only problem so far is my podcasts, photogallery, ect are not coporating you can goto http://www.spacesbox.com/new to see the beta site.


I really wanted to blog on various things and i plan to write a few one on: wireless phone expos and windows mobile 7  and presidents day and who are my favorite presidents, and possibly others


I don't know yet if my old host or new host are conflicting or possibly firefox seeking old host.  I have changed the records at my domain provider. I really wish i could have gotten backups-files from old host but i got most of this working with a great program in joomla called joomla pack with that i used it backup and transfer my site here. but it lost some of data on some files so i still working to fix it. if you see anything use contact/feedback and drop me a note.


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