You travel to friend to visit a friend. You called and talked to them. They both welcome you with open hearts.
You know and they know how long the visit will be a few days or few weeks. This is what i called a "Being Welcomed or Family/Friend Visit."

    Next, is you had a very bad year/luck, You lost your job, spent all your money or combination of these and you show up on their doorway. They welcome you but not really "welcome you" they put conditions on your visit and you try to fallow through those conditions.  You do the chores assigned and help best that you can and start looking for work again too. You try your best but stress develops and your visit becomes (forced visit/unwelcome: because you are forcing them to stay with them and you are not being felt welcomed anymore. Best thing you can do is to get out to another friends or shelter or someplace else. So that you can maintain your friendship/love with these people.
    But sometimes on rare occasions your coming is a blessing in disguise. You help them out and you have a place to stay and they can use the help. You look for work (and possibly find work), and you do your chores and be nice and the visit; sometimes, transfer from a being "forced/not welcome" to be "truly welcomed". 

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