What's the deal with price of Concerts?

It use to cost $5.0 to $15.00 to go to concert or free..

now it cost $5 to $100 at concert Halls and a little less at bars..

I went out to rodeo and wanted to go dancing but

thier was a concert. The concert was $20 and i thought it

was too much money for me at the time.  That about what i spend on 

groceries for a week.

I later went out wasted about $20 on other bars and eating at waterburger and some groceries. 

  I like the old days when it cost only $10 bucks..

and a good concert at Concert  place would be $20 for ok seats..

But, I did regret not going because Concerts are really fun to go to and 

to feel the energy and enjoy the proformance

and also I personally missed dancing with ladies.

Getting to talk with People and learn thier views on weather, politcs, 

and work and thier lifes.  

What is interesting to them and what new things i can learn for myself.



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