Worked on Xmas Eve
Sharing Xmas with Bday..
I had to work on Christmas Eve.
It was fun working with a great team.
I taking care of business when a very attractive asian girl came up and asked me to help for with a camera.
She need helping gettinga  gift returned.
She got all pink stuff and she said she wasn't into all pink.
She wanted something else. I offered what camera's we had and also offered to ship her products we didn't have free. I also walked with her to Ipod players area and back to jam boxes with Ipod attachments. We then went back to Ipod section where i left her because a customer need to be checked out; and
I was glad to help them get thier gifts home for Christmas.
All the customers were nice and giving.
Anyway —
She kinda made my day because she was cute, sweet, brunette with very nice body too.
I did not say anything to her but tried to help her find a product so
that she could have a very Happy Birthday!
— > on a side note:
Sharing a birthday with Christmas is hard.
People and I sometimes include gifts for friends and love ones as combined gifts for
Christmas and Brithday too. I do that for my younger brother and older sister sometimes.
It is difficult to buy for them.
They deserve to have a special day for themself and gift or card for that special day too.

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