Woz U


Our programs offer the fastest, most direct path to tech-based careers that are most in demand by business and government.

Our online classes feature high-quality, video-based curriculum with direct live access to instructors and student mentors to help you through the program. Our career services prepare students to get through interview exams, create resumes, and build a portfolio to showcase projects and skills for employers, giving you the edge you need to succeed.

And true to “Woz,” you can change your world without the high cost of traditional degree programs. This education is for the masses; it will elevate standards of higher education and what you can expect from it, meaning that you too can be an innovator with action and hard work.


This is neat, Woz from creator of Apple with Steve jobs is  creating Woz U.  It looks cool.

I am currently using Udemey to develop more understanding of different disciplines from Editing video to creating web pages.

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